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EMS Services

The majority of Allen Clay JFD responders are EMT certified either at the Basic, Advanced, or Paramedic level. Both Station 34 and Station 36 have Advanced Life Support equipped ambulances. 


Medic 35 is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an EMT/FF and a Paramedic/FF. Medic 35 is stationed at the Headquarters / Station 35 building. Medic 35 provides rapid response and treatment to residents and visitors until an ambulance arrives on the scene. 

Training and Continuing Education

Allen Clay JFD responders participate in weekly training, drills, and continuing education to maintain the highest level of response capabilities. This training consists of activities such as updating protocols, acquiring new skills and capabilities, maintaining equipment, and reinforcing standard operational procedures.

Fire Inspections

Fire inspections can be scheduled by appointment for local businesses and residents, and will be completed by Allen-Clay JFD State Certified Fire Inspectors.


Reasons for inspections include:

  • New business

  • Remodeled business

  • Adoption requirements

  • Government business

  • Day Care


All responders are trained to Haz-Mat Operations level or above in order to respond appropriately and efficiently to haz-mat situations that may arise given the significant amounts of chemicals that are transported through the district by either truck or train.

Fire Suppression

Allen Clay JFD responders are dedicated and trained to provide efficient, effective fire suppression services throughout the district.  


Part-paid responders are trained on the most current firefighting procedures. All three stations are equipped with fire engines. Station 34 and Station 36 are also equipped with Rescue Engines (Engines with extrication equipment on board.) In total ACJFD has the capability to bring 7,500 gallons of water to extinguish a house fire without using a fire hydrant.


Within the fire district there are both rural water supplies (ponds, streams, creeks, etc.) and areas with hydrants to replenish water supplies.


Mutual aid agreements exist with Lake Township Fire and Rescue, Northwood Fire and Rescue, Jerusalem Township Fire, and Harris Elmore Fire and Rescue for additional resources and assistance.

Heavy Rescue

Allen Clay JFD has three dedicated trucks equipped with Heavy Rescue tools. These tools allow responders to gain access to accident victims trapped inside heavily damaged vehicles. Heavy Rescue tools also help move and stabilize heavy objects that might pin or further injure accident victims. 

Fire Prevention

Allen Clay JFD works within the community to prevent fires. Firefighter/EMTs visit area schools and organizations to provide information and resources on how to prevent fires and what to do in an emergency. Once a year, classes from Genoa Area Local Schools visit the main station to talk with the firefighters and learn about fire prevention and response. 

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